I have been campaigning for the legalization of Marijuana (Cannabis, Pot, Weed, Hash……….) in my country for a number of years now in the hope that the amazing properties of this plant could be put too good use in helping the growing number of people with horrific cancers and other disorders. I find it amazing that in a country like South Africa we still outlaw a plant that has been used for hundreds of years by many of the local people.

This country is different to many others out there in that millions of the local people use this plant on a daily basis and is part of their traditions and lifestyle. The authorities pretty much ignore the whole thing as there are plenty of other, more powerful, products out there that destroy lives and get most of the attention. The other interesting point is that this plant grows naturally in this area and often you will see it here and there growing in overgrown gardens and neglected state land.

Now, you may be wondering what my interest in Marijuana is and I want make it clear that I am not some lazy ass stoner or someone who listens to reggae all day! My interest is in the medicinal side and the properties and healing powers of THC ( the plants main chemical ingredient). There is mounting evidence throughout the world that the chemicals contained in this plant can do wonders for people suffering from cancer. People have survived everything from blood cancers to inoperable tumors and their testimonials attribute this to medical marijuana.

I have been unlucky when it comes to family with 3 deaths from this terrible disease over the past few years alone. I guess some of us are unlucky when it comes life dishing out genes and although we all carry cancer cells some of us will inevitably end up sick. As I approach my 40th birthday I know that I am coming up on the age where several other family members developed this disease so I would like to take a “preventative” treatment which may just help to save my life. The treatments modern cancer patients go through are horrendous and if there is a just a tiny chance of avoiding all that then we have to go for it. I even have a family member who was diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up losing the breast and going through a terrible program of chemotherapy and radiation treatments – the good news is that she is currently clear and the treatment worked. She recently said that if the disease comes back she thinks she is not sure she could go through that again and may opt to avoid the treatment – that’s how bad it really is!

The main point is to get government to listen to the evidence and the will of the people and re-visit this issue. We recently had an MP, who is sick with deadly cancer, create a bill and table it in parliament but so far it doesn’t appear to have gained much attention at all. I think if enough of us make a noise then it will eventually come up and there will be a chance this miraculously plant could be approved for medicinal use.

The funny part is that so many people use it anyway – it has no history of causing violence or sickness like other legalized products (tobacco and alcohol) – but if you are caught you are in theory a criminal and would suffer problems with job applications and other things throughout your life for doing something that may just keep you alive!

You can check this video (one of hundreds) which talk about the health benefits of THC.


I will continue to update here with news and other information as time goes on and I hope you will check back occasional and comment as you see fit.



Home Growing

One of the things I want to learn properly is how to make medicinal marijuana, you may as well take it if you can sort out your own – even if it gives you a 5% chance of avoiding cancer then it is worth it in my book. Most people I have spoken to crush the plant and then put it through some kind of process to extract the important oils – the ones with the health benefits.

Before worrying about preparing oils you need to be able to grow the plant and depending where you live it may make sense to set up your own indoor growing area – lots of people do this as you get more control over growing conditions as well as keeping your stash of plants away from any prying eyes! For this to work you will need to choose between a Hydroponic system or a normal indoor plant setup with grow light – you can check out more information over here to see what grow lights and home growing kits are all about.

This setup is recommended and can be fairly cheap if you look around. You will need power to the area as well as a water feed of some sort – the light will come from the grow light – remember that most of the sunlight will be absorbed by the glass in your windows as well as a reduction in light during bad weather and winter. This is why modern grow lights are the best way to go as they are fairly cheap to run (LED are popular now) and they also have the correct lighting spectrum spread out through the LED’s to ensure your plants get an emulated natural light.

If you decide to avoid a Hydroponic system and just go with conventional trays and racking remember it is best to buy special planting soils from your local garden center or hardware store. Lots of people grab soil from the garden. This will work OK but often the outdoor soil contains chemicals that hinder your plants and you will get much better results with a product like potting soil.

Essentially, this setup will give you full control over lighting, temperature, water and everything else a plant needs to successfully grow. Many people use these setups to grow vegetables in their homes as well as fresh herbs they can pick before meals etc. Even if you don’t want to use it just for the purposes discussed here there is no limit to what you can grow with this type of setup.

Once you have everything setup and ready to go you will need to find a source for your seeds. I am not going to talk too much about that one :-) but I am sure you know where to go in your local area.

I am busy building my growing area right now so I will report back at a later stage and some photos of how things are progressing. The actual making of the oils will be discussed in a future post, I am still learning all about this myself!